Halal Trade - With transparency & greater equity in international trade.

UNWHD contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers. Islam lays the groundwork for all aspects of a Muslim’s life. The range covered in these sources extends from the highly spiritual to material matters, including business. Islam not only considers the business to be an acceptable pursuit, but also a dignified activity. In order to understand the similarities between Islam and Fair Trade, contrasting the principles between the two instead will serve as the best framework. 

The Fair Trade
This empowers farmers and farm workers to lift themselves out of poverty by investing in their farms & communities, protecting the environment.

Business Ethics
While individuals face problems having to do with ethical issues in the realm of business, Islam requires that Muslims act in a way that will ensure socio-economic justice at all times.

Halal Friendly Tourism

The basic idea of halal tourism is wherever the Muslim traveller goes he should feel comfortable with the environment, facilities and services. With our wise market knowledge, experiences and our strong global partner’s network our business development specialist will do the case study and recommend the best solutions to promote your hotel and assisting you to capitalized the targeted travellers.

UNWHD subject experts will do the market trend analysis report. We help & assist any national tourism ministry department to develop their halal-friendly tourism framework and business strategy to tap Muslims travellers around the world.

Halal Friendly Medical Tourism

Medical and healthcare is an emerging segment of global tourism, applicable to Hospitals with following facilities: Hygiene and Sanitation – We provide guideline and processes to assure that all foods shall be prepared, processed, packaged and served to patients in such a manner that they are in compliance to hygiene and sanitary requirements of the relevant authorities as per rules of Halal.

The above services are intended to implement to help understand the requirements of patients and their caretakers, and it in no way shows any disrespect or ignorance to other communities during their medical treatments.