Integrated Halal Management System (HMS Global)

An innovation which provides a platform to manage the overall halal certification process.

World’s first Integrated Halal Management System that empowers any organization by providing a complete package of halal management solution to manage and optimize the overall Halal Certification Process right from leads generation till certification approval including post certification follows up.

HMS does this by

  • Manage all your Department’s Interaction in one place
  • Auto email and SMS information message if data pass between departments
  • Separate login for all clients to view their details
  • Management & admin can view reports for all client & their current status
  • High system security & role based login credential
  • Maintain client cocuments and data information
  • Track client for certification renewal
  • Automate tasks & SMS/Email integration

WAQF Property Management System

World’s 1st Shariah compliance automated system to manage, track, maintain the WAQF properties and assets

Initiated by United World Halal Development, Singapore team, reviewed by Islamic renowned theological team around the world and designed by BigBiz’s highly skilled IT team from India to manage, track, maintain such as land, buildings, donations, charity, funds and other.

Features & Objectives

  • Manage all your Department’s Interaction in one place
  • High System Security
  • Management Executive Reports
  • To Manage, Maintain, Track the Waqf Property & Funds
  • Manage Tenants Agreements
  • One Stop Solution to all Waqf Property & Funds
  • Monthly, Yearly Management Reports
  • Integrated SMS, Emails Systems.
  • To Ensure Waqf Property / Funds are Well Managed and Benefits to Ummah
  • Waqf Properties must be Protected and Produce Revenue Annually for the Betterment of Ummah.

Halal Police – Digital Halal Certification

An unique proposition of Digital Certification concept that enables certification governance over fraudulent acts. 

UNWHD came out with an idea to help Halal Bodies where it is very easy to track the authenticity of certificates of any client before making a purchasing decision. It helps ‘Value authentication’ of the issuers and secures the stakeholder from vulnerabilities of the fraudsters. Halal Police aim in bridging the gaps between Industry and Consumers, whereby all stakeholders can avail faster and trusted services (Overseas and Local), Industry of all types and including law enforcement agency.

Security Features

  • Manage all your Department’s Interaction in one place
  • The genuine certificate is an essential part of the Halal Authenticity
  • Certificates are added with patented 2D encrypted QR codes with Track & Trace to make sure ‘You Are Secured’.
  • Ensures reliability of Halal Certificate Issuing Authority / Body
  • Halal certificate security is essential as several references are made prior to issuance to a vendor.
  • The Security levels must be both Physical, Virtual and machine readable in easier terms.
  • The Security offered must be not breached.