Halal Park / Halal Hub

A community of Halal food manufacturers and Halal business services providers in one place.

UNWHD is a leading halal consultancy company providing diverse services with national and international experience dealing with many Halal Agenda Promoters around the globe and developed a network of Halal market players, including Halal Certifying bodies, Islamic councils and other Halal Promotion Agencies. We have our trained personnel in this field from various international forums and alliances.

We offer Consultancy Services to government/private agencies/companies in designing a world-class Halal Hub that produces/offers quality halal products and services in a halal environment according to the demand of the growing Islamic Population. Also helps in bringing the industry players into the potential halal hub.

Slaughter House

Set up with internationals Halal standards

Since hygiene is an integral part of any Halal business, UNWHD helps in assisting the budding entrepreneurs in setting up of hygienic Slaughterhouses that comply with the right procedures and conform to the rules and regulations of international standards.

We take administration over the methods of slaughtering, waste disposal, physical examination that will be employed, and identifies logistics, personnel requirements including techniques to minimize contamination.

We provide assistance for:
  • Abattoir layout design and verification.
  • Government registration and obtaining License
  • Buying the required machinery and its set up.
  • Supervise while the Government official visits and inspect.
  • Deriving and implementing strategy for Halal Compliance throughout the Supply chain.
  • Running the plant for trial production, and also as a business incubation measure.

Poultry Farm

Country chicken farm set up with international Halal standards.

Country Chicken is one of the rural bird’s categories which is highly preferred among other breeds due to their better immune capacity thereby producing eggs with better survivability. UNWHD is leveraging its expertise in the entire end to end process of country chicken farming with halal compliance which will help an entrepreneur to maximize profit with minimum investment.

State of Art – Meat Shop

Halal Compliance stunning freehand slaughtered meat delivery at your doorstep.

UNWHD’s ultimate goal is to provide fresher and tastier meat at your doorstep, all the while handling it in the most hygienic manner. Customers are encouraged to walk into the unit, feel the difference, place orders both online and phone once they get satisfied with our practices.


Sufficing the demand for essential red meat protein as well as frozen products.

To meet the demand of essential red meat protein as well as chilled and frozen meat product, UNWHD helps Export/Import of high quality live cattle, sheep, and goats from countries like Australia, Mongolia, New Zealand to countries around the world, in particular throughout the Middle East and South-East Asia as these regions do not have the resources or geography to efficiently produce enough livestock to feed their population.