The goal is to focus on the opportunities and help to identify the path into the Halal Market.

Halal Certification enables you to market your products to various countries Halal certification ensures that the food items (meat, milk, canned food, or others) are prepared by following certain Islamic dietary guidelines. The certificate enables you to penetrate in the halal market easily. While exporting products, it helps you to meet the requirements of importing countries. Halal certified products are of high demand mainly in Southeast Asia and the Middle East which are the largest marketers.

Obtaining Halal certificate in the international market is challenging at times due to the increasing quality and competitive ability of food manufacture and supply services according to Halal standard. UNWHD have strong & friendly connections with all the International Accreditation Centers & Halal Certification Bodies around the world. We provide consultant service for getting International Accreditation & also getting Recognition from various Halal Certification Bodies.

Few Major Global Halal Accreditation Centers