We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them carelessly. We have not created them but for truth.

Quran 44:38-39

Food Bank

UNWHD’s ultimate intention is to identifying and eradicate hunger across the world. We believe that shared responsibilities and capabilities can make this aspiration a reality with a thought of getting the right aid to the right people at the right time.

UNWHD Team with the support of local NGOs, Government agencies & social activists have started Food Banks in various countries, which feeds, empowers, and transforms the lives of poor and needy. We have already established  Food Banks in countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia & the United Kingdom as a step towards creating a Hunger-Free World.

Halal Green & Clean Project

UNWHD introduces a new concept of 'Halal Green & Clean world' under which we impose tree sapling around the World every year. All the halal certification bodies are joining hands to plant saplings in the industries, restaurants, outlets etc in order to reduce to carbon footprint during their audit. On the occasion of World Halal day, people from a different nation are supporting WHD by planting trees.

Gandhi Desam

Gandhi Desam, a housing project exclusive built for needy people who can buy homes at a very affordable cost. Established itself on the scenic highway “ ECR connecting Chennai and Pondicherry creating a landmark value at Vembanur village with all primary convenience at its proximity adding value for investment.

Renewable Energy

Renewable power is booming, an innovation that brings down costs and starts to deliver a clean energy future. We at UNWHD actively spur different natural resources which can produce energy for our life and techniques to imply in creating good-mannered energy. We strongly recommend investing in renewable energy techniques to make proper use of nature.

Eco Friendly Environment

UNWHD endeavored to engage in eco-friendly habits or practices by being more conscious of how you use resources. Halal India certifies eco-friendly products keeping both environmental and human safety in mind. Our other attributes include the use of products produced in ways that do not deplete the ecosystem.

Zeroize the carbon footprint

We believe that a worldwide planting program could remove two-third of all the carbon emissions pumped into the atmosphere by humans. Halal India is taking this as the most prioritized activity to save the environment and enhance the life of human beings. We ensure to plant trees at all our client premises.

Rainwater Harvesting

We create awareness and encourage people to actively involving in Rainwater harvesting. We strongly agree that rainwater which is pure and of good quality is lost as runoff. Through this activity we insist on the benefits of rainwater harvesting, the suitable place to store, utilizing rainwater, storage techniques & future of water.

Sewage Treatment Units

The agenda is to achieve a simplified operation method and lower processing costs compared to traditional methods. We adapted the method that treats & separate solid & liquid, turning waste into Bio-Solid resources of organic fertilizer. This helps in eliminating the need for a two-level septic system & the requirement of land space.