Halal Certifications

UNWHD Halal Certification is a globally recognized certification body for Product & Services sectors which include Food & Beverages, Cosmetic & Personal Care Products, Pharmaceutical & Drug, Neutrals & Herbal Products, Meat, Hospitality Sector, Hotels & Restaurants, Travel & Tourism, Medical Tourism, others. Our certification serves as a key to reach the international market as Halal certification is mandatory to get trade permission in most of the countries.

Green Masjid Certifications

We provide certification to blossom every Masjid into a thriving heart of the community and become the center for prosperity for all. By raising awareness in the Muslim community about present environmental and safety issues. To highlight the role of the environment in Islam and the implications thereof. To educate & provide proactive tools that the community can adopt for caring for their natural environment. To promote peace, religious & racial harmony.

Islamic Crowd Funding Certification

UNWHD provides Certification to all types of Islamic Crowdfunding. UNWHD recommends Regulators around the world to sincerely consider building Shariah-compliant crowdfunding ecosystems that facilitate access to capital and accelerate economic growth – not just those in Muslim nations. Though crowdfunding has been slow to adapt, the growing global community and policymakers in the Muslim world have recognized its potential recently.

Shariah Compliance Certification

UNWHD provides a one-stop certification solution for all kinds of Shariah compliance i.e. Hospital & Clinics, Real Estate, Hotel, Building & Apartments, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Shares & Bonds, Gold Shops, Travel & Tourism and others. The main purpose is to fulfill basic human necessities such as religion, life, property, intellect, and posterity. Through Shariah, we preserve these necessities in three levels of interest. This preservation can be accomplished from two sides, the State, and the individual.

Islamic Tour & Travel Certifications

UNWHD can certify your company and introduce you to a speedily growing and economically dominant market segment. Some of the types of tourism and travel companies that we certify as Islamic Tour & Travel – Airlines, Hotels, Resorts, Private Villas, Health Spas, Restaurants, Heritage Tours, Travel Agencies.

Islamic Micro Finance certifications

Islamic banking or Islamic finance activity complies the Shariah (Islamic law) and its practical application through the development of Islamic economics. UNWHD have the best Shariah Scholars and Expertise onboard to provide Certification for Banking and Micro Financing by evaluating all aspects of Islamic & Shariah law.