Islam & Leadership Management Training

Islam is a universal religion for all mankind. It is, therefore, not restricted to any nation, race, or gender. Moreover, human beings are social by nature. They need to cooperate with one another in order to be able to survive. Islam stresses cooperation and sense of collectiveness. As a matter of fact, Islam cannot be practiced by any individual in isolation. Islam is indeed a collective religion.

For all of its material progress, modern society continues to suffer from incredible moral lapses, and honest role models and leaders are a distant memory. The search for leaders free of shameful attributes appears to draw voids as we live in a world increasingly overtaken by gluttony and corruption. The question then arises: where are the honest leaders? Although it would be predictable to disparage the modern thinkers for its apparent lack of moral leaders, in this case charity begins at home, and the Muslim world continues to produce leaders that easily outdo even the worst modern day politicians.

The teachings of Islam seek to protect people from harm and mischief and serve their interest through the effective use of God-given resources. These objectives must be achieved within the frame work of justice, dignity and benevolence. The teachings of Islam provide a philosophy and plan for people to live by.

Instead of having responsible and innovative presidents, prime ministers, and even clerical bodies, the Muslim world is plagued by leaders searching for their own self interest at the detriment of the people they are charged with ruling. While society has reached the peaks of industrial and technological achievement, Muslim leadership resembles more and more the ignorance of the pre-Islamic times.

It stems from our society’s inability to recognize the greatness of the leadership of the 4 successful kahlifah’s (peace be upon them) and establishing them as the standard of leadership.

The 4 khalifa’s further made great strides to ensure their governors and officials were free from corruption and greed and treated people with dignity, honor, and kindness as they told their officials:

“Behave humbly with the people, keep yourself lenient, meet them with a big heart, and accord them equal treatment, protect and provide minority community rights, so that the high should not expect injustices from you in their favor, and the low should not be despondent of your justice towards them.”

“I am Khalifah” training programme is focused on building management & leadership excellence in the Muslim world. Our organization is building intellectual capital and leveraging a leadership model that ensures sustainability and relevant development opportunities to our present and future Muslim leaders. Our programs offer an invaluable opportunity for qualified high performance individuals to expand their leadership skills to a global level to serve the communities at large.

Islamic culture and excellence of our programs are fulfilling our key objectives

Two days training will focus on the following areas

  • History & Golden era of 4 Khalifa’s Leadership
  • Khalifah Abu Bakar as-Siddiq
  • Khalifah Umar al-Khatab
  • Khalifah Uthman Affan
  • Khalifah Ali bin Abu Talib
  • Khalifa’s Political & Social life – Lessons for all
  • Current state of Muslim’s Countries and Muslims Leadership – A global overview
  • Role Model Nation – Vision & Mission
  • Knowledge, Money, Political, Power – (KMPP) – Blue Print
  • Scenario workshop and demonstration
  • Strategy planning
  • I AM Khalifa – Responsibility & Accountability
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Intellectual & Value Based Leadership model – A Guide to Muslims

The training courses and subject modules has been carefully reviewed, designed and developed by world renowned prominent Islamic scholars, intellectuals, philanthropist , scientists and community leaders.

The core objectives of this training to produce perfect leaders to next generation

Halal Training & Awareness

In line with its task of increasing awareness on halal, UNWHD offers halal oriented custom training modules, certification guidelines and technical advisory services for anyone who seeks to better understand what halal is about. The programme will touch on syariah (Islamic) laws, certification processes, consumerism and food safety in accordance with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP), ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and other related management system.

Through Halal training programme, UNWHD aim to promote further knowledge and increase human development on all Halal matters. With the development of standardized, comprehensive training modules, UNWHD can elevate the current level of awareness of Halal, ensuring practitioners have full understanding of facets needed to support the growing Halal industry.

Our courses

Covering all aspects of Halal industry topics, UNWHD courses are developed to address specific needs of Halal Industry today. This includes both Halal theory and understanding the practical part of Halal management systems.

The courses, catering to both Muslim and Non-Muslim target audiences, cover wholesomeness, safety, hygiene and consumer products (Food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, Logistics and Supply Chain).

Our Modules

All modules are developed through close-knit collaboration with various universities, industries and research centers.

In turn, our modules are specially designed to cover not only Shariah (Islamic) aspects, but also the Halal Market, Halal Food & Consumerism and Halal Certification Processes, plus the national and global Halal industry scenario along with biotechnology.

Our Trainers

Engaging local and international field experts as trainers and subject specialists brings significant experience relating to all Halal matters. This ensures that participants are able to leverage on the many years of experience along with the latest academic findings in research and development of the Halal industry.

UNWHD consultant could assist foreign manufactured food producers / Governments to obtain international halal certificates for halal food products manufactured globally.

Halal Logistics and System Design

The logistics world is waking up to the enormous potential of the halal industry. Benefiting from a ready-made global customer group of nearly two billion Muslims, and with the total spend on logistics operations accounting for around 5-10% of total revenue, its not surprising that logistics companies all over the world are keen to grab a piece of this growing market. However, it is fast discovering, the complexities of the Halal Supply Chain extend much further than the usual concerns regarding unbroken cool chains and the efficient delivery of fresh food produce. To be at the top of the halal logistics game, players need to be well versed in the whole ethos in order to maintain what is known as the ‘halal integrity’ of a food product. With the legitimacy of some halal products coming under fire, the industry is now demanding more Specialized Halal Compliant solutions for its supply chain process.

With global standardization in the certification process for halal products now including strict criteria throughout the supply chain process, some countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and even some western countries are stepping ahead of the Middle East when it comes to taking halal logistics very seriously. Therefore,

Our team of consultants comprises individuals with many years experience in Halal consultancy. They can advise on Halal logistics, maintaining Halal integrity throughout the supply chain, preparation of Halal food, operation of Halal kitchens, operation of Halal parks, feasibility studies, business plans, authority approvals, warehouse design, plant design, cold room design, engineering and commissioning. We also provide training on food handling management and food hygiene including HACCP and accreditation.