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First Ever Halal Medication Launches in Australia

By December 15, 2019 August 11th, 2020 No Comments

An Australian based pharmaceutical company has launched its own line of halal approved medication and products in the hub of Sydney. The pharmaceutical company ‘Pharmacy 4 Less’ has launched the niche products to cater for the demand in halal-friendly medication from patients who were concerned about the halal authenticity of their current medicines.

The innovative halal certified medicines aim to fulfil the demand from Muslims in the Lakemba, Sydney area as they regularly had customers who were requesting halal pharmaceutical products.

Halal for Muslims means what is “permissible” and these innovative halal certified medicines comply with the Shariah principles which contain no alcohol or pork ingredients to ensure that it complies with the halal regulations.

Many Muslims want to abide by their faith and want the opportunity to purchase halal products without the fear of consuming something that is not permissible.

Forat Sultan an owner of Pharmacy 4 Less said that “More and more customers kept coming in and asking for Halal Medicines because it’s important for them to know that what they are consuming does not compromise their beliefs”.

“The Halal Certified Medicine initiative is great for me because it means I don’t have to answer all the questions about which Medicine is Halal, its made easy for customers now, they need to just simply look for the HCM logo sticker on the shelves and choose.” said Sultan.

“For Australian Muslims who take Halal seriously, there really is no excuse now when purchasing Medicine. We are proud to say that Pharmacy 4 Less in Lakemba is Australia’s 1st Halal Friendly Pharmacy” he added.

Many Muslims have welcomed the new medication that complies with the halal certification and the company is thinking of expanding the products to other pharmaceuticals in the country who want to tap into the halal medication products to cater for the growing demand.