Compliments from United World Halal Development!

Im delighted to present that halal trade & hospitality is an emerging trend and a most growing business model in global business space across various sectors and industries to attain the combined growth of social wellbeing and achievement of business objectives in prime. It is evident in the last two decades that the concept of halal model and its capturing business strategy has seen an enormous growth to serve millions of consumers in the arena of global business economy and paving its own way as to be a new comprehensive market force. The trends are projected with the growing consumer awareness and demand for halal products and services, business world is prepared to strengthen themselves in the next few years; there will be an internal structural transformation in several countries, which will give rise to an impact on the global patterns and flows of halal trade & tourism. Awareness of integrity & quality of product & services, local consumer tastes and preferences, product adaptation and income levels are now the major driving forces in determining the flow and patterns/characteristics of the global Halal trade. To bridge the end to end business needs and to facilitate a high quality of professional and personal life as well, we are proudly Introducing you United World Halal Development is a Singapore based halal consulting company envisioned to be a global support centre for all the halal standard products and services with prime focus on the overall development of the global halal industry.

We are keenly focused on development of lawful economy, overall societal and business growth, halal standards, audit and certification, training and consultants for halal products and services through participation and to facilitate growth of halal certified companies in the global Halal market to provide consultation, to establish a legislative halal certifying body. Intent on building a global halal community, United World Halal Development brings the Global Halal industry in harmony towards a common goal to nurture the growth and participation of local businesses and connecting various countries in the global Halal market, our team of veterans cutting across various industries with unsurpassed knowledge and experience are committed to accomplish the overall development of your business in a single stop.

Many the walks had gone and many yet to go, but where are our foot prints?

To march with the edge of distinguishing management consulting services to our clients with unique and highly standardized global practices, our team is on position to run along with you in the track of attaining the business excellence. United World Halal Development invites you to carry the edge of “Halal – Advantage in your business growth, proudly welcoming you again to the Global Business Gateway.

Mohamed Jinna A. J.

Goals & values

We whole heartedly welcome you all to a new dimension of ethical, harmonious & a healthy business routine with the concept of Halal A Life Style. Welcome to the Global Business Gateway!! Peace be with you all.