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United world halal development aims to build a one stop window of Global Support Centre for all Halal Businesses across new demographics.

UNWHD consultant group values integrity, honesty and trustworthiness in all its business practices keeping the sanctity of halal standards.

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Overview of Halal Global Market

Halal Global Market Universal Concept

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Halal has now become a universal concept. Halal stands for just and fair business transactions, caring for animals and the environment, eco friendly production environment, social justice and welfare. It is no longer a concept confined or restricted to the slaughtering of animals for the consumption of a Muslim but encompasses products and services of the highest quality to meet the ever increasing awareness and needs of consumers in a demanding global market.

The Halal market comprises all segments of society with the non-Muslims countries playing a major part in the production of Halal Standards. The emerging and significant Halal food, cosmetics & pharmaceutical markets developing in the Australia, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America prove that the Halal market has an international appeal.

The Halal market encompasses the entire value chain – from production and manufacturing to shipping, logistics, export and retail. Even branding and advertising can be developed to spur the development of the Halal is not merely a way of life – it is a global industry with a stake in commercial sectors worldwide, Halal Development has become a significant contributor to all facets of economic growth.

News and Events & Expert’s Opinion

  • “Since the Muslims are the fastest growing consumer segment in the world, any company that is not to serve considering how them is missing a significant opportunity to affect both its top- and bottom-line growth.”

    A T Kearney “Addressing the Muslim Market
    Can You Afford Not To?"
  • “Halal businesses cover a wide span of economic activities, from farming to manufacturing and processing food in stalls of food, selling the roadside to the import and export of commodities between nations, from car manufacturing to infrastructure building.”

    Mr. Badlisyah Abdul Ghani
    Head, CIMB Islamic Group
  • “The Global Halal Food market to grow at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4″The Global Halal Food market to grow at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.44 % over the period 2012-2016”.44 % over the period 2012-2016″

    Analysts Forecast
  • “1.6 billion Muslims – representing 23% of world population and growing, Halal Industries are estimated to be beyond, A Vast Market to TAP.”

    Mr. Muhamed Meeran
    Chief Operating Officer, Halal India
  • “The basis of Halal must be fully understood and support those who are taking advantages of our Halal activities. If we establish such a state of standard in our Halal then we can have a Greater Global Halal Tourism, Logistics & Halal Market.”

    Mr. Hani M. Al-Mazeedi
    Azkahalal - Kuwait.
  • “The rapidly growing Muslim population and the rise of ethical institutions are soon to demand more and more businesses ranging from food to tourism, value-based pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, and fashion to media – all based on the dynamics of Halal. This potential is bound to provide tremendous opportunities for new growth and investments to business enterprises around the world.”

    Mr. Mohammed Tariq Najeebdeen
    Finance & Screening Officer, SRB –Bahrain
  • “Globally, Shari’ah-compliant assets are estimated to be worth $1.4 Trillion”

    Standard & Poor’s
  • “Halal edge will surely make the industries to grow not lesser than 20% every year. Halal principle and concepts are for all religion, caste and creed in-toto, it is for all common man in this globe.”

    Dr. Saravanan
    BMERF India – 3 Times National Award Winner
  • “There are great potential in Halal Industries or Industries Permissible to Shari’ah in all areas of life. They are not meant to serve for Muslims but also to all Mankind. More than USD Trillion required to be managed in Halal Finance Industries, Halal Tourism Industry, Halal Food Industries, Halal Transportations and Halal Entertainments. It greatly demands manpower in millions in all fields of expertise.”

    Prof. Shaya’a OTHMAN,

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